Marzo 08, 2021 #News of Chile in the World

Chile streaks ahead of Latin America with one of fastest vaccination rates in the world

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The country has managed to inoculate nearly a quarter of its population in a month thanks to a well-prepared health system

Chile began vaccinating people against COVID-19 on February 3 and as of this Tuesday, less than 21 days later, more than three million people have already received at least one dose; that’s the equivalent of 16% of the country’s 19 million inhabitants. This percentage is not only far higher than that of its bigger neighbors, like Argentina (1.65%), Brazil (3.43%) and Mexico (1.4%), but is also greater than that of countries like Spain (9.59%) and close to that of the United States (19.44%). The number of available vaccines and the speed of the roll-out, with at least 1,300 centers across the country, means the South American country is setting the benchmark both regionally and globally.

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