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The road to the Tokyo Olympic Games: Chile boasts one of its biggest ever teams

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With just two months to go before the start of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Team Chile is already breaking records. Firstly, it has athletes participating in a greater range of sports than ever before and secondly it looks set to be one of Chile’s biggest ever delegations.

After they were postponed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world’s most important sporting event, the Olympic Games, are finally set to take place in Tokyo between July 23 and August 8, 2021.

With 45 athletes having qualified so far, Team Chile looks set to be the country’s fifth largest Olympic delegation, surpassed only by Helsinki 1952 (with 58 athletes), London 1948 (with 56), Los Angeles 1984 (with 55) and Sydney 2000 (with 52). These figures provided by the Chilean Olympic Committee consider the number of sportspersons who competed at each Olympic Games.

“It’s a fantastic achievement that this year’s Team Chile is the one of our largest ever. It reflects the hard work that our sportspersons and their federations have put in and also the strong support that has been provided through the Olympic Plan over the last ten years,” announced the President of Chile’s Olympic Committee, Miguel Ángel Mujica.

Furthermore, Chile’s Olympic team will compete in at least twenty different sports, the highest number in the country’s Olympic history. These disciplines are: athletics, canoeing, cycling, water sports, equestrian, fencing, golf, gymnastics, women’s football, weightlifting, wrestling, pentathlon, rowing, skateboarding (the Olympic debut of this discipline), taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, shooting, archery and sailing. There are also a dozen other disciplines in which more athletes could still be added to Team Chile.

“What this group of athletes has achieved is remarkable. It is set to be one of the largest delegations that Chile has sent to the Olympics, in terms of the number of sportspersons and the disciplines in which they will compete. What’s more, in qualifying for women’s football, Chile will be sending a team to compete in an event of this nature for the first time in twenty years. We’re also still hoping to add more faces to the team that will fly Chile’s flag in Tokyo,” commented Sports Minister, Cecilia Pérez.

So far Team Chile comprises the following athletes:

  1. Kristel Köbrich                              Swimming
  2. Francisca Crovetto                        Skeet Shooting
  3. Esteban Bustos                              Modern Pentathlon
  4. Martín Vidaurre                            Mountain Biking
  5. María José Mailliard                    Canoeing
  6. Karen Roco                                     Canoeing
  7. Macarena Pérez                             Cycling BMX Freestyle
  8. Simona Castro                                Gymnastics
  9. Clemente Seguel                            Sailing
  10. Yasmani Acosta                             Wrestling
  11. Fernanda Aguirre                         Taekwondo
  12. Paulina Vega                                  Table Tennis
  13. Gabriel Kehr.                                  Athletics
  14. Katina Proestakis                          Fencing
  15. Tomás Barrios                               Tennis
  16. María Fernanda Valdés               Weightlifting
  17. Arley Méndez                                Weightlifting
  18. Joaquín Niemann                         Golf
  19. Cristian Garin                                Tennis
  20. Catalina Soto                                 Cycling road race
  21. Humberto Mansilla                      Athletics
  22. Josefina Tapia                               Skateboarding
  23. Eduardo Cisternas                       Swimming
  24. César Abaroa                                 Rowing
  25. Éber Sanhueza                              Rowing
  26. Andrés Aguilar                              Archery
  27. Representative                              Women’s Football
  28. Representative                              Women’s Football
  29. Representative                              Women’s Football
  30. Representative                              Women’s Football
  31. Representative                              Women’s Football
  32. Representative                              Women’s Football
  33. Representative                              Women’s Football
  34. Representative                              Women’s Football
  35. Representative                              Women’s Football
  36. Representative                              Women’s Football
  37. Representative                              Women’s Football
  38. Representative                              Women’s Football
  39. Representative                              Women’s Football
  40. Representative                              Women’s Football
  41. Representative                              Women’s Football
  42. Representative                              Women’s Football
  43. Representative                              Women’s Football
  44. Representative                              Women’s Football
  45. Representative TBC                      Equestrian (Showjumping)
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