Septiembre 15, 2022 #Imagen de Chile

“The Cueca of Chileans Everywhere”: Imagen de Chile launches musical piece dedicated to Chileans in the world

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  • The production will be disseminated by Chile’s diplomatic missions abroad during the celebrations of national holidays. 
  • Produced by the national singer-songwriter Cuti Aste, and with the collaboration of María Esther Zamora, the cueca is inspired by the Chilean talent present in the world, seeking to reenchant those who no longer live in our territory. 

“I toast say the Chileans, who are in other nations, for their land and traditions, feeling a full pride”. With a toast dedicated to the compatriots spread abroad begins ‘La Cueca del Chileno en Todas Partes’, a musical piece produced by Imagen de Chile, which during the celebrations of national holidays seeks to highlight how national talent has gone around the world. 

“Chilean talent has crossed borders for generations, whether through culture, sports or facing the challenges that today affect the world. We wanted to bring all this together in “La Cueca del Chileno en Todas Partes”, which is based on the logic that no matter the place, there will always be a Chilean,” said the executive director of Imagen de Chile, Constanza Cea. “We want that, during this month of Chileanness, Chileans who are far from our country feel closer and reconnect with our culture,” she added. 

This new cueca, which will be disseminated throughout September by the diplomatic missions of our country, had the musical production of the outstanding musician Guillermo Rodrigo Aste, better known as Cuti Aste.

“The inspiration for this cueca comes from the attributes that Chilean men and women abroad have, from their outstanding participation in sports, art, to the scientific contributions that we make,” says the national musician Cuti Aste. “The aim is to re-enchant those who no longer live in our territory, as well as those who want to reconnect with Chile. It is an enormous responsibility to make an artistic product that represents the country,” he adds. 

The audiovisual piece was filmed in the emblematic Casa de la Cueca, thanks to the collaboration of the popular singer María Esther Zamora, a renowned entertainer linked to folklore, and heir to the musical tradition that surrounds the historic building located in the traditional Matta neighborhood in Santiago. 

“I am infinitely grateful that they have chosen the Casa de la Cueca for the production of this video. With almost 40 years of traditions, it is one of the most important places in our country in terms of its culture,” says María Esther Zamora. “Cueca is life, it is our national dance, and for us who interpret it with so much passion, it is an honor to be part of the initiative,” she added.  

Technical Details

Lyrics, Musical Production and Vocals: Guillermo “Cuti” Aste.

Main voice and tambourine: María Esther Zamora

Bass: Jorge “Toscano” Vidal

Voice and Guitar: Claudia Mena

Accordion: Guillermo “Cuti” Aste

Piano and Voice: Miguel Molina

Percussion: Oscar Molinari Rubio 


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