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The Creators launches the sixth version of its digital talent award for students

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The award is organized by Fundación Kodea, El Mercurio, TVN and regional media companies. It also enjoys the support of various organizations, including Imagen de Chile. Winners of previous versions of this award, which include Huemul Safe and Can Reflect, have been featured in international campaigns organized by Imagen de Chile.

The Creators presented the sixth version of its Digital Talent Award for Students at Centro Nace BCI. Imagen de Chile and other sponsoring organizations were in attendance.

For the first time, this year’s call for proposals was launched on April 21, in honor of World Creativity and Innovation Day. Since then, The Creators has assisted students and teachers with their applications and project development through the “Creators School.” This training program features workshops and classes where participants learn new tools, turn their ideas into innovative tech-based solutions and help solve real problems in their communities and around the world.

The winners of previous versions of The Creators have been featured in international campaigns developed by Imagen de Chile to show the world how Chilean talent is creating future. This was the case of Huemul Safe, a solution designed to help rescue endangered huemules (South Andean deer) in Aysén, and Can Reflect, a project that promotes the reuse of soda cans for farming. Both initiatives, which were developed by Chilean students from Aysén and Maule, respectively, were part of the “Chile Creating Future” campaign.

The Creators Digital Talent Prize is organized by Fundación Kodea, El Mercurio, TVN and regional media outlets. It is designed to identify and highlight the creative minds developing innovative tech-based solutions to address specific problems in their community. In doing so, it installs early innovation in classrooms.

Applications are due by October 12. Any Chilean student in grades 6 through 12 up to the age of 19 may participate by submitting their project at A total of 16 winning groups will be selected, one for each region of Chile. They will participate in an experience in Santiago, where the national winner will be announced. The winner will then travel to Boston, United States, to visit the cradle of global innovation and meet with experts from its ecosystem.


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