Enero 22, 2021 #Life & Culture

Literary contest “Santiago in 100 Words”: 20 years of art and citizen engagement, seeking to create a better society for everyone

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2001, Santiago, Chile: A journey through the written word began, with the first edition of the writing contest “Santiago en 100 Palabras” (Santiago in 100 Words).  This initiative seeks to reward the most diverse urban tales that connect citizens and can help imagine and create, through the literary art, a better future for all. 

Today, this renown citizen engagement project celebrates 20 years of history. During these 2 decades, almost 1 million short stories have been sent by thousands of Santiago locals that have participated by putting  into written words how they live their city. 

Since the first version of the contest, 1,3 million books have been handed out, containing their best short stories, from thousands of authors of all ages and areas of the Metropolitan Region. 

During 2020, “Santiago en 100 palabras” adapted to the new context with online workshops and activities that summed up over 60 thousand views.

Don’t miss the opening ceremony of this historical version, with a masterclass by Mexican author Margo Glantz, this 20th of January, from 6 pm (Chile), on their Facebook Page




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