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International Rock Day: 6 lists to groove to the sound of Chilean music

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Just like every July 13, today is the day we celebrate International Rock Day. We invite you to listen to six Spotify playlists of rock music selected decade by decade.

The music world is celebrating International Rock Day, a date that commemorates one of the most representative musical movements of the 20th Century. Chile has produced great exponents of the genre like Los Prisioneros, La Ley and Los Jaivas.

Combining harmonies and instruments typical of Latin culture, together with the strident rhythms of the United States and Europe, Chilean rock has left its distinctive mark on each decade of the last century. It is an important part of our national identity and a special part of our musical history.

We invite you to groove to the sound of this music and listen to these six Spotify playlists, brought to you by ChileMúsica and Imagen de Chile.

The 50’s

Immerse yourself in the beginnings of Chilean rock, a movement of huge popularity that paved the way for the genre’s arrival in the country. Listen to the New Wave.

The 60’s

Outlandish clothes, long hair and thunderous stage sounds. Tune your ears to the sounds of psychedelia, countercultural and aggressive pop. Listen to the best rock of the 60s.

The 70’s

Rock music’s national identity begins to be defined, with Chilean and Latin American instruments and rhythms mixed with elements typical of United States rock.

The 80’s

Tune your ears to the voice of the 80s, a decade in which different groups of young people like Los Prisioneros began to take the music world by storm.

The 90’s

Expensive music videos and world tours. In the 90s, following the end of the dictatorship, Chile opened up to the world as a venue for massive shows and the big labels set their sights on our country. Listen to the decade that welcomed in the new century.

The Sounds of Chile: Rock and Pop

Still wanting more? Let the guitars and voices sound, because Chile has Rock and Pop to enjoy at maximum volume.


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