Junio 07, 2022 #Imagen de Chile

Imagen de Chile takes part in event to connect entrepreneurs from Concepción

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Imagen de Chile was one of the exhibitors during “Concepción’s ecosystem and innovation week”, inviting different stakeholders from across the region to become part of the Chile Brand Use Program.

Early June in the city of Concepción was characterized by entrepreneurship and innovation. “#Madeinconce” was the motto of a week dedicated to spotlighting, promoting and connecting entrepreneurs, businesspeople and institutions that are currently revolutionizing the industry through technology, sustainability and work with communities.

Among the week’s main events was “High Impact Networks – Networking Endeavor”, an activity organized by Endeavor and Imagen de Chile that sought to connect entrepreneurs and businesses in different stages of growth, in order to help promote them and develop support networks.

Víctor Palma, head of the Chile Brand Use Program, outlined some of the program’s goals, which include positioning Chile as a place of entrepreneurship throughout the world and highlighting the value of origin of Chilean products. Mr Palma, together with Ariel Gringaus, the director of Endeavor, invited attendees to join the more than a thousand licensees that now carry this hallmark on their products and services.

If you want to know how to become part of the Chile Brand, click here.






Imagen de Chile