Noviembre 22, 2021 #Imagen de Chile

Imagen de Chile receives Best Use of Data prize at City Nation Place Awards 2021

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  • The foundation, which is responsible for promoting Chile’s image abroad, was recognized for its study that monitors how the country is perceived in international strategic markets.
  • This follows two prizes received last week at the International Tourism Film Festival ART&TUR, for the “Chile Creating Future” campaign.

Imagen de Chile received the “Best Use of Data” prize at the City Nation Place Awards 2021, an annual forum that brings together country brand representatives from all over the world. It is currently taking place in London, England. The foundation received recognition for its Imagen de Chile Longitudinal Study, which carried out a monthly survey in 12 important cities on different topics relevant to promoting the country’s image and key to the brand’s strategic development.

“This prize is important because it recognizes the strategic work that we have done at Imagen de Chile, based on data. We developed a strategy, campaigns and contents, and engaged and connected with foreign audiences using the relevant input of information from the studies. We used this data in all stages to include more perspectives and develop a strategy that would respond to what these perspectives were looking for. We created a campaign to present Chile in a way that was attuned with the audience that we wanted to reach, and then evaluated the result of the work we’re doing based on this data,” stated Imagen de Chile CEO Constanza Cea in London.

Imagen de Chile’s CEO explained the reasons behind the current “Chile Creating Future” strategy at the country brands annual meeting. It seeks to highlight Chilean talent at the international level and show the contributions that Chile has to offer the world, to make a better future for everyone.

Imagen de Chile was also a finalist in the “Best Communication Strategy: Place Brand” and “Place Brand of the Year” categories, and stood out as the only South American country to be nominated for the prestigious City Nation Place awards.

This important award follows two more that Imagen de Chile received last week at the International Festival ART&TUR, held in the city of Aveiro, Portugal. “Chile Creating Future”, a campaign of 12 audio-visual segments showing Chile’s contributions to the world, received first prize in the categories of “Best Film Originality” and “Best Advertising Campaign”.

Imagen de Chile Longitudinal Study

The study collected information about Chile’s image for key indicators, like familiarity and favorability, on subjects related to positioning, like Chilean product association, tourist attraction perception and travel barriers, knowledge about cultural and heritage sites, the reputation of Chilean professionals, as well as contingency issues.

The 12 strategic markets defined by Imagen de Chile – together with key partners like ProChile, InvestChile, the Tourism Undersecretary’s Office and the International Economic Relations Undersecretary’s Office – were Sao Paulo, New York, Washington, Toronto, London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Dubai, New Delhi, Tokyo and Shanghai.

The main strength of a longitudinal methodology is that is helps measure said markets’ perception on topics relevant to promoting the country’s image in the long term and in a flexible and dynamic way. We can thus identify how the 12 market audiences know us and make comparisons between them. It also helps to establish and periodically measure the indicators that are key to the brand strategy.




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