Junio 30, 2022 #Imagen de Chile

Imagen de Chile receives award in Madrid for its role in promoting the country brand

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Fundación Chile-España presented Imagen de Chile with the “Institutional Award” for promoting the country brand throughout the world and for the close collaboration between the two institutions. 

Imagen de Chile has once again received international recognition. To mark its tenth anniversary, Fundación Chile-España has presented Imagen de Chile with the “Institutional Award” for its work in promoting the Chile brand throughout the world, in addition to the close collaboration that both institutions have maintained over the years. 

“It is an honor for Fundación Chile-España to present this “FCE X Anniversary Institutional Award” to an institution as outstanding as Imagen de Chile, which, like FCE, pursues the common goal of promoting Chile as a benchmark in culture, science, innovation, entrepreneurship and tourism,” said María Ángeles Osorio, executive director of the Madrid-based Fundación Chile-España. “The constant collaboration between both institutions that has been maintained over the years, particularly in Spain, has been essential to strengthening the country’s competitive brand. The goal is for Chile to be considered an attractive destination in all dimensions and committed to sustainable growth. Congratulations on the brilliant work you are doing and we look forward to continuing to work together to increase the recognition and reputation of the Andean country,” she added.

According to studies carried out by Imagen de Chile, the familiarity and favorability of Chile among the Spanish people has been increasing, with 36% stating that our country is very familiar to them. This is above the average of the 12 international markets evaluated periodically. In addition, Chile is the Latin American country most often chosen by the Spanish when it comes to doing business, with 38% of the share. 

“We are very pleased and proud to receive this award from Fundación Chile-España, which, on its tenth anniversary, wanted to recognize four institutions for contributing to bringing the two countries closer together,” stated Constanza Cea, executive director of Imagen de Chile. “We are happy to receive this award, because we have worked hard for several years to draw closer to Spain, to bring our cultures closer together, and to make ourselves known and occupy a place in Spanish hearts,” said Constanza Cea. 

The country brand promotion organization has carried out a series of campaigns and initiatives with the goal of increasing Chile’s positioning in Spain. The most recent was the launch of the “Chile, creativity that inspires the world” campaign; renowned tattoo artists in Madrid received works of Chilean literature to inspire them to create exclusive designs on the skin of three Spaniards who competed to be selected through Imagen de Chile’s social networks. The campaign -which was transformed into an audiovisual piece- went around the world, reaching more than 60 million people across different continents. 


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