Abril 14, 2022 #Imagen de Chile

Imagen de Chile presents the next stage in the “Chile Creating Future” campaign from Talca, with the story of two young people from Maule

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The visit included meetings with regional authorities and unions, and conversations with local media in order to present the new initiative, which seeks to portray Chile from the perspective of the talent and innovation present in all the country’s regions.

Boosting agriculture with recycling. This is the concept pursued by Can Reflect, an initiative led by Valentina San Martín and Pedro Jiménez, two students from the city of Talca, who, using the light reflected through reused cans, seek to optimize the cultivation of fruit trees. It is also one of the stories that make up the next step in the international ‘Chile Creating Future’ campaign, which is why the executive director of Imagen de Chile, Constanza Cea, visited the Maule region to publicize this new milestone, and continue adding regional actors to the construction of the country brand.

“Combining robotics and sustainability, Can Reflect is an example of how we are providing innovative solutions to global problems from different cities within our country, as is the case of the imminent food crisis and the search for tools that would allow us to develop a more efficient and ecosystem-friendly agriculture,” said Constanza Cea, executive director of Imagen de Chile. “Valentina and Pedro are two of the protagonists of this new stage of “Chile Creating Future”, which seeks to give visibility to the great contribution that we are making throughout Chile for the world,” she added.

In addition to leading the launch of the campaign in the region, the executive director of Image of Chile had the opportunity to meet with regional authorities, unions, and local media to continue publicizing the “Chile Creating Future” country image strategy, as well as promoting the use of the Chile brand among the region’s entrepreneurs and companies.



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