Julio 19, 2022 #Imagen de Chile

Imagen de Chile looks to showcase talent from the Ñuble Region to the world

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The organization participated in activities with regional authorities and export companies in order to strengthen Marca Chile’s international presence.

Imagen de Chile hosted a series of activities in the Ñuble Region designed to promote the country brand at a regional level, as well as to look for talent to showcase to the world.

Imagen de Chile Executive Director Constanza Cea and ProChile Regional Director Ingrid Quezada met with Ñuble Regional Governor Oscar Crisóstomo to discuss possible joint work in the future.

The meeting for the “Promotion and Internationalization of Ñuble Companies and the Uso de Marca Chile (Chile Brand Use) Program” was also held at the Virginio Gómez Institute in Chillán. It was aimed at export companies as well as those with export potential in the region. The executive director of Imagen de Chile and the head of the Uso de Marca Chile Program, Víctor Palma, gave talks during the event.

“If ten years ago Marca Chile was associated with low prices, today it is associated with quality, sustainability and jobs for Chileans. This is the result of a collaborative effort between different actors from the public and private sectors, which have been adding value to the work of Chilean men and women,” assured the executive director of Imagen de Chile. “And it is that talent that we want to show to the world. That is why this year we have been touring different regions in order to incorporate different perspectives in the construction of our country brand.”

ProChile Regional Director Ingrid Quezada added that “this activity is aimed not only at export companies but also at all formalized entrepreneurs with products or services who want to display Chile’s brand.” She added that there is also the opportunity to present this brand to the many foreign tourists who visit the winter resorts in the region, noting that “it is time for tourists to get to know and buy local products.”


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