Julio 28, 2022 #Imagen de Chile

Imagen de Chile and Ingesman join forces to talk about Chile using humor

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The national illustrator will create a series of vignettes, using a playful format and humor to raise awareness about Chile.

“Estoy juntando la plata para la vaca” (I’m collecting money for the fund), “Estoy pato” (I’m broke), “Muere pollo” (Don’t say a word), “Qué caballo este carrete” (What a great night out). Perhaps what most characterizes us Chileans is our way of speaking, with sayings that mainly allude to animals. Imagen de Chile wanted to pick up on this idiosyncrasy, in collaboration with one of Chile’s best-known contemporary national illustrators: Ingesman.

“One of the things that I like best is telling stories using drawings, either in the form of a comic or with a simple vignette. To be able to use this to talk about Chile makes me really happy and also generates a feeling of great responsibility,” says Inges Bizama, the illustrator behind Ingesman, who has more than 230,000 followers on Instagram.

Idioms, characteristic animals or animals with curious names, traditions, landmarks, tourist spots and even the most important Guinness records registered in Chile, are among the topics that will be surprising people every Friday through to September.

“I’ve been lucky enough to travel outside of Chile and stayed long enough to miss things here. Actually, Chile has a lot to tell. After the feeling of joy, I began to sense the challenge ahead and ended with a feeling of responsibility and the urge to do my best to hopefully reach as many people as possible. Teaching or giving a message is one of the best ways to use humor,” he added.

Imagen de Chile aims to position the country based on Chilean’s contributions to solving major problems that affect the world, through the Chile Creating Future strategy, and by highlighting local talent. “From our landscapes, history, products, customs and even expressions, there are many reasons why Chileans are known around the world. We are working on new formats to raise awareness about our country, and what better way than to do it through Chilean talent, taking advantage of a more playful format to represent the essence of our people,” said the executive director of Imagen de Chile, Constanza Cea.

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