Octubre 27, 2022 #Imagen de Chile

From Los Lagos to the world: BirdsChile is part of Imagen de Chile’s new international campaign

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  • The institution in charge of promoting Chile’s country image has launched a series of audiovisual pieces as part of the Chile Creating Future country brand strategy, to position Chile based on the talent it possesses and Chileans as agents of change.
  • BirdsChile – a sustainable tourism agency that promotes ecosystem regeneration and contributes directly to the conservation of the flora and fauna in its destinations – is one of the selected initiatives that will be promoted in international markets.

“Teresa and Raffaele are contributing to the preservation of nature and raising awareness through adventure tourism. And if Teresa and Raffaele create future, Chile creates future.” This story of two Chileans from southern Chile as agents of change is part of the new Imagen de Chile campaign that seek to position our country abroad. The campaign presents eight audiovisual pieces about innovative and purposeful initiatives that connect with today’s global challenges.

Fundación Imagen de Chile, together with BirdsChile and Fundación Legado, experienced this new form of tourism on October 20. Like any other tourist, we scheduled a visit to Los Lagos Region, which included a sustainable tour of the area where we monitored amphibians in Llanquihue’s urban wetlands. The municipality has done an incredible job of restoring the wetlands by cleaning them, reincorporating native flora and working closely with local communities to raise awareness about them.

BirdsChile, a company that was formed with the purpose of transforming tourism into an instrument for sustainable development, offers travel experiences that include concrete actions to mitigate their impact and regenerate natural areas through a philosophy of rewilding and giving back.

“It’s a great opportunity to be part of the Imagen de Chile campaign and thus have a presence in international markets. We believe that tourism should become a tool for the regeneration of our ecosystem and the cultural identity of our communities. For that to happen, it’s crucial that they are valued and acknowledged,” states Raffaele Di Biace, director of BirdsChile.

This form of tourism is gaining more and more strength. It seeks to shift tourism from an erosive to a regenerative activity, through experiences that place value on the natural heritage of tourist destination, in collaboration with local communities. It thus transforms travel into an act of empathy with a traceable and measurable impact, generating a virtuous and persistent collaborative circle between entrepreneurship, travelers, communities and local organizations.

BirdsChile co-founder, Teresa Montes, values the opportunity to showcase an innovative and environmentally friendly proposal for tourism. “The fact that our sustainable proposal for tourism, our landscapes and all the natural heritage we want to show is reaching international markets is undoubtedly exciting. It motivates us to be part of Chile’s tourist offering, with a different, responsible proposal that is committed to the environment and local communities.”

This initiative was selected by Imagen de Chile because of its contribution to biodiversity and ecosystem conservation. “Chile is much more than just landscapes, and that is precisely what we want to show in this new stage of the ‘Chile Creating Future’ campaign. Through eight stories that reclaim the Chilean people’s own ability to find solutions and reinvent themselves in the face of global problems, we want to show the world how Chile can be an example of innovation and creativity, positioning our country image through the local talent that it possesses,” stated acting executive director of Imagen de Chile, Jorge Cortés.

Chilean men and women creating future

Bioproducts that optimize crop nutrition; tours focused on our country’s nature and wildlife; filaments for 3D printing made out of biodegradable and recycled materials; sustainable and intelligent storage for renewable energy; drinking straws made with 100% plant-based ingredients; the highest-grown wine in the country made by indigenous peoples; and a farmers’ cooperative that grows crops in the world’s driest desert. These are the stories presented in the campaign, which takes you on a journey through the regions of Arica, Tarapacá, Atacama, Antofagasta, La Araucanía and Los Lagos.

We worked alongside incubators from the Universidad de Concepción, the Universidad de la Frontera and the UC Innovation Center to select the stories presented in the audiovisual pieces. ChileMass, an NGO that promotes collaboration in science, technology and education, also assisted in the campaign.

“For us at IncubatecUFRO, it’s great that ventures from throughout Chile, such as ‘MyConativa’ and ‘BirdsChile’, are part of this international campaign. They allow us to show the potential of our southern macrozone and the vision of its entrepreneurs, who have always visualized their market beyond our borders,” stated general director of IncubatecUFRO, Cristian Campomanes.

With eight audiovisual pieces set to music by producers Miranda y Tobar, this new stage of the Chile Creating Future campaign looks beyond our territory, to focus on the Chilean people as agents of change, as creators of new ways of thinking and contributing to Chile and the world.

The material will be shared with national and international audiences throughout October. In the coming months, it will be translated into three languages (Spanish, English and Portuguese) and promoted on digital platforms in New York, London, Madrid and Sao Paulo.

You can also learn about the stories behind this campaign by accessing the Imagen de Chile landing page, where the experiences of everyday Chileans who are creating future today will be presented.


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