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Expo Dubai: Chile’s favorability rating rises by 28 points in two years

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As part of Chile Day at Expo Dubai, Imagen de Chile announced the results of a survey showing that among Dubai citizens, familiarity with our country rose from 45% to 50% between 2020 and 2022, and favorability skyrocketed from 30% to 58%. Emiratis’ perception of a series of business-related factors has also improved considerably over the past two years.

Although the United Arab Emirates still seems like a distant land to many Chileans, the two countries have certainly forged closer ties thanks to Expo Dubai, which is currently being held in the Arab country, with Chile having a major presence.  According to the survey announced by Imagen de Chile in the context of Chile Day at Expo Dubai, our country’s favorability rating among Emiratis has skyrocketed from 30% to 58% in two years making us the second most-favored country in the region, surpassed only by Brazil (64%). Furthermore, between 2020 and 2022, Dubai citizens’ familiarity with Chile rose from 45% to 50%, making that city one of the most familiar with our country.

“Chile’s participation at Expo Dubai 2020 has been a tremendous opportunity to show how Chile is creating future in innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship, and the result of our survey is proof of that, with a major rise not only in familiarity, but also in favorability,” affirmed the Executive Director of Imagen de Chile, Constanza Cea.

When choosing a partner to do business with in Latin America, Dubai citizens choose Chile and Brazil first (44% each). Additionally, most of those surveyed in Dubai said they had consumed Chilean products, and had had a positive experience with them (45%).

“One out of every two citizens of Dubai have consumed Chilean products and associate us with quality. That is a very positive result, and undoubtedly Chile’s presence at Expo Dubai has played a major role, building a positive country image on that side of the world,” commented Constanza Cea.

The Imagen de Chile study was conducted in a total of 12 cities: Sao Paulo, New York, Washington, Toronto, London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, New Delhi, Dubai, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Two hundred people were interviewed in each city. In Dubai, the survey was held at the beginning of 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Good business destination

Dubai’s perception of a series of Chilean business-related factors has also improved considerably over the past two years. For example, the percentage of those surveyed who think that Chile is economically stable rose from 42% to 6%0, and perception of our commitment to sustainability increased from 39% to 56%. The perception that Chile promotes entrepreneurship went from 47% to 60%, and belief that the country exports high quality services rose from 44% to 56%.

Familiarity with Chilean products — with the exception of copper — has also risen over the past two years. Familiarity with Chilean fruit, for example, rose from 38% to 54%; Chilean wood products went from 20% to 31%; fish and seafood increased from 20% to 31%; and wine climbed from 29% to 35%. In contrast, people’s association of Chile with copper dropped from 33% to 20%.

The majority of those surveyed (59%) associate Chilean products with good quality, but the association with sustainability and diversity, qualities that increase the perceived value of Chilean products, have also risen in the past two years.

Forty-four percent of those surveyed think that businesspeople in their city are interested in hiring Chilean professional services, making Dubai one of the cities most interested in Chile.

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