Febrero 26, 2021 #News of Chile in the World

How Chile vaccinated 16% of its population in just 21 days

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Chile’s immunization campaign, which has reached over 3 million people, is out-performing those of Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Spain.

Chile began to administer COVID-19 vaccines on February 3. By this Tuesday, just 21 days later, over 3 million people had received at least one dose, which is equivalent to 16% of the country’s 19 million inhabitants. This percentage does not only far surpass its largest neighbors, such as Argentina (1.65%), Brazil (3.43%) and Mexico (1.4%), but is also higher than the rates in countries like Spain (9.59%) and is quite close to that of the United States (19.44%). The number of available vaccines and the speed of the operation, with at least 1.300 centers nationwide, has made this South American country a regional and global example.

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