Octubre 25, 2022 #Life & Culture

Chilean artists with exhibitions you can see in Europe and the United States

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On International Artist Day, we let you know about the exhibitions of outstanding Chilean artists that are currently being held outside of Chile.

Cecilia Vicuña at the Tate Modern in London

Two large woven quipus – an ancient recording and communication system made from knotted threads – that hang 27 meters high, audios with traditional songs and contemporary music, and a series of videos starring indigenous communities. These are the components that make up Cecilia Vicuña’s exhibition at the Tate Modern in London, the most important modern art gallery in the United Kingdom.

Brain Forest Quipu is the title of the exhibition that opened on October 11. The two bone-white textile sculptures – one called Mother and the other Daughter – have been made from unspun wool, vegetable fibers, rope and cardboard. They are interspersed with found objects such as small clay pipes and pottery fragments, which were collected from the banks of the River Thames by a local community of Latin American women.

With this exhibition in London, the artist closes a year marked by two of the most important milestones in her fifty-year artistic career: being the first Latin American women to exhibit in the rotunda at the Guggenheim Museum in New York; and receiving the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Biennale.

Javier Toro Blum at 193 Gallery in París 

The work of Chilean artist Javier Toro Blum will be shown as part of his Azul Bleu exhibition at Paris’s 193 Gallery until October 29, 2022. In the exhibition, light and the color blue are the protagonists, two elements that interact with the spectators. The artist draws links between his work and French culture, generating a dialogue between “two blues”: the International Klein Blue (IKB), created by French artist Yves Klein; and the luminous blue used by the Chilean artist in his work. Toro Blum has been exploring light, darkness and space since 2015.

Dasic Fernández at Wynwood Walls in Miami

 The creator of several works and murals that have filled cities around the world with color, including Paseo Bandera in Santiago, Dasic Fernández is making his solo debut with a show at the Goldman Global Arts Annex at Wynwood Walls in Miami. “Lightness of Being: A Love Story” is the title of this exhibition that explores the human form, with paintings full of life and vibrant colors. The exhibition will be open until November 15.

Sergio Naranjo in “100 Fridas for Frida” in Paris and Madrid

In an exhibition that pays tribute to Frida Kahlo on the 115th anniversary of her birth, 100 painters and creators from Mexico and elsewhere are participating with a variety of works. Among them is Sergio Naranjo, Chilean designer and creator. Under the title “100 Fridas for Frida”, the exhibition is currently traveling through Paris, France, and will arrive in Madrid, Spain, in November. The Madrid exhibition will be held at the Ra del Rey Gallery between November 26 and December 5, under the direction of Fernando Aroche. In Paris, the exhibition is being held at Galerie FRIDA, located at Rue Chapon 39.

Sebastián Calfuqueo in “Who tells a tale adds a tail” at the Denver Art Museum

The “Who Tells a Tale Adds a Tail” exhibition at the Denver Art Museum is showing installations created by 19 millennial artists from Latin America, whose works reflect and interact with important questions ranging from technology and ideas surrounding identity, to broader social and political issues. The exhibition is rich in digital art, and Chilean visual artist Seba Calfuqueo is presenting an animated video entitled “Ngüru Ka Williñ”. The video twists a traditional folktale about a fox and an otter into an exploration of contemporary


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