Octubre 13, 2022 #Imagen de Chile

Chile is a finalist in two categories at the City Nation Place Awards 2022, which recognize the world’s best country brands

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  • Imagen de Chile’s work in promoting the Chile brand has been recognized after the country was named a finalist in the ‘Place Brand of the Year’ and ‘Best Communication Strategy: Place Brand’ categories. Chile is the only Latin American representative among more than 70 countries in both categories.  
  • The winners will be announced on November 9 and 10 at the world country brand forum in London. 

London, Friday, October 7, 2022 -. Chile’s country brand strategy has been chosen as a finalist in two categories at the City Nation Place Awards 2022. This world country brand forum annually recognizes the work carried out by different countries, regions and cities to establish the identity, differentiation and value proposition that a country offers to the international market, through a general strategic approach that manages, projects and promotes the positive image and reputation of their brand throughout the world. 

Chile’s ‘Chile Creating Future’ strategy is a finalist in the ‘Best Communication Strategy: Place Brand’ and ‘Place Brand of the Year’ categories. Fundación Imagen de Chile will compete with other organizations dedicated to promoting the country image of nations such as England, the United States, Holland and Denmark. 

“Being considered for the second consecutive year in these awards is challenging and exciting at the same time, because it recognizes the hard work that we have done to position the Chile Brand throughout the world, so that people get to know and choose us more and more,” stated acting executive director of Imagen de Chile, Jorge Cortés. “The ‘Chile Creating Future’ strategy has had an impact on hundreds of millions of people, through a narrative and a message centered on the talent and creativity that characterizes the Chilean people. This has not only been through incredible marketing campaigns, but also thanks to a close link with the national and international press to establish news guidelines that show the best we offer as a country. These are all actions that build the country’s image both at home and abroad, and they are being recognized by experts in the field,” he added. 

City Nation Place highlighted that this is the second consecutive nomination that Chile has received, which shows the impact that the new ‘Chile Creating Future’ strategy that has been executed over the last two years is having. “It’s great to see the work of Imagen de Chile represented in the list of finalists again this year. It’s a testament to the professional and creative approach that they are taking to manage and project Chile’s reputation on the world stage,” stated the director of City Nation Place, Clare Dewhirst. “These are the only awards that specialize in brand strategies and place marketing. This year’s nominations have left us very impressed by the quality of ideas and the effectiveness of strategic implementation demonstrated by the applications we have received from around the world,” she continued. 

The prize winners will be announced at the City Nation Place Global conference, which will take place in London on November 9 and 10. They will also be published at www.citynationplace.com.


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