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The constitutional process, one year of the “feminist” government, and the actions of Chilean men and women who are confronting climate change were some of the topics that captured the attention of the world’s media. Below, we invite you to learn about the news stories that stood out in March:

International Women’s Day: One year of President Boric’s “feminist” government in Chile

March 11 marked one year since President Gabriel Boric was installed in La Moneda, the first self-declared feminist president in Latin America, with a project filled with progressive and gender-equal policies. One year on and the gender approach has permeated public discourse, despite the fact that there is still progress to be made in achieving equality between men and women.

The Peruvian newspaper Gestión took stock of the government’s performance during 2022. They highlighted important legislative progress (such as the implementation of the Law on Parental Responsibility and Effective Payment of Alimony Debts), as well as future announcements, such as the universal day-care law and the reduction in the price of 27 types of contraceptives in pharmacies with an agreement with the State.

Constitutional Process: Chile begins two-month campaign to elect the 50 people who will draft the new Constitution

During the last three years, the attention of the international press has been focused on Chile’s constitutional process, an institutional solution to the demonstrations that broke out in October 2019. This month, a new chapter was opened, with a proposal that Congress elect and install a commission of 24 experts – 12 men and 12 women – to write the new Magna Carta.

The group, made up mostly of lawyers, is led by attorney Verónica Undurraga from the Partido por la Democracia (PPD). The vice presidency was placed in the hands of constitutionalist Sebastián Soto, a representative from the opposition party, Evópoli, who is close to former president Sebastián Piñera.

According to what was published this month in the Spanish newspaper El País, Chile is trying to replace its Constitution for the second time in less than four years, after 62% of the population rejected the previous proposal in September 2022.

The Spanish daily highlighted the modesty and moderation of the ceremony in which the commission took office, where there were no invited authorities. It was reflected in the discreet arrival of the experts to the Parliament building and the speeches of various members. Two concepts were repeated: sobriety and respect.

Environment: London premiere of ‘I am the Earth. Stories from the Southern Edge of the World’

Last Friday, March 24, “I am the Earth. Stories from the Southern Edge of the World” premiered on Prime Video. The documentary gives an account of the efforts of Chilean men and women in combating climate change.

Maite Alberdi, the 2021 Oscar-nominated director and recent winner of the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize 2023, was in charge of the general direction. She worked alongside unit directors María Paz González, Sebastián Fernández and Santiago Correa. The documentary was produced by Fábula, who won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2018 with “A Fantastic Woman”.

The film was well-received during its London premiere, with positive reviews highlighting the inspiring tone of the story. According to the British newspaper London Daily News, “the film takes the viewer on a journey through different initiatives and cases where Chilean men and women are contributing to mitigate the effects of climate change, from large-scale projects and scientific innovations to everyday citizen actions, all of which are collectively necessary.”

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