Mayo 03, 2023 #News of Chile in the World

Chile starts a two-month campaign to choose the 50 drafters of the new Constitution

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The new Chilean constitutional process, which started on Monday with the installation of a commission of 24 experts, does not stop. This Wednesday the electoral propaganda begins with a view to the election of next May 7, when citizens will once again have to go to the polls to elect a constitutional council of 50 members, a parity body that will draft a new proposal for a new Magna Carta. It is Chile’s second attempt to have a new Constitution, although this new process has substantive differences with the previous one, which failed when 62% of Chileans rejected outright the proposal of a convention that sought to change the Chilean institutionality.

It is a two-month campaign in which 350 candidates will seek to become some of the 50 councilors. Five lists are competing, with the particularity that the left is divided in two. Something similar happened on the right, because the extreme right and the traditional right are not united to face this crucial election.

Author: Ana María Sanhueza

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