Diciembre 10, 2020 #Life & Culture

6 playlists to celebrate Chilean Music Day

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Chile comes across loud and clear through its music and that’s why every October 5th we celebrate “Chilean Music and Musicians Day”. Today we invite you to mark this date with a selection of Chile’s best songs and performers. 

The day generally known as “Chilean Music Day” has been celebrated officially since 2015. The date was chosen to honor the birthday of one of Chile’s greatest folk-musicians and performers, Violeta Parra.

With its characteristic sounds, our music reflects this exclusively Chilean expression, which ranges from the folk music rooted in the countryside to a variety of urban popular forms.

If you haven’t yet heard the special sounds of Chile, we invite you to listen to these 6 playlists that we’ve created for you.

Sounds of Chile: Chilean music
A general overview of some of the chords that have formed our musical history.

Sounds of Chile: Ballads
Gentle and romantic sounds also form part of our music. Here’s a selection of Chilean ballads.

Sounds of Chile: New Voices
The new music scene is extensive and varied – we like to hear new voices stamping their style on our music.

Sounds of Chile: Folk and Folk music
Our folk music is rooted in our traditional music, but also in the young voices inspired by those traditions.



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