Chilean talent for export

The Chileans have a zest for innovation. We believe in our projects and go out into the world to share our talent.

Did you know that SoluBag, the “plastic” bag that dissolves in water, was designed by Chileans? Or that a group of scientists from Chile developed an unprecedented seaweed paper product to preserve the fruits and vegetables that are exported? These and many other inventions have made Chile the most competitive and innovative country in Latin America according to the 2019 Global Innovation Index developed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

In regard to diversity, Chilean inventions come from every field and run the length of our territory. Some firms develop solutions to target specific problems while others emerge spontaneously, achieving unexpected success.

One interesting platform created by Chileans is Airkeep, which connects travelers to places known as “keepairs” where they can leave their luggage. These can be hotels, restaurants or local residents. The service allows travelers who have a day to spend in a city during a layover to drop off their bags and explore without being weighed down by luggage.

An example of an innovative technology firm that adds value to our exportable offerings is Tierra de Fuego Music, an online music distributor that works with major brands like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Deezer to highlight and position independent music.

Another noteworthy presence in the services industry is Cangrejo Ideas, a company created by Chileans from Viña del Mar that develops videogames from the initial concept, through illustration, animation and programming to sales and marketing. They have developed tailor-made software for companies abroad such as Cartoon Network, Sesame Street and Boomerang. Aone Games has also found success in the videogame industry. Its fighting game “Omen of Sorrow” became a hit, logging 70,000 visits on YouTube in two days.

In the audiovisual industry, the film production company Aysén Films shows the world Patagonia’s incredible landscapes, flora and fauna through various international channels.

Also in southern Chile, the city of Puerto Montt has generated innovations for improving processes in the salmon industry. The company Bioled created a technique for controlling the seasonal cycle of salmon. It involves using lighting to extend the hours of daylight so that they mature more slowly while gaining weight, which improves their quality.

One of the products that has been successful in Europe and cold climate countries is the Selk Bag, a human-shaped sleeping bag invented by a Chilean designer that has won innovation awards.

Meanwhile, in the agricultural field, a Chilean entrepreneur created a gel that is applied to fruit and vegetables to maintain their appearance and keep them firm and fresh. The company is called Rethink, and its star product is SaviaGrapes, which has met with great success in South Africa’s grape export markets.

Have you ever heard of Perro Chocolo? It is a beloved children’s character that has become a YouTube phenomenon. Originally part of a song from the album “Juguemos en el campo”, Perro Chocolo is adored by children in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and the United States.

Among the latest Chilean start-ups is Pet’it, an SPF +50, water-resistant sunblock for pets.


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