Learn about the stories of talented Chileans who are creating future from the southern tip of the world, generating the changes that the planet needs.



This is Juan Carlos Cárdenas and Gloria Castro and they are from Arica, in northern Chile’s coastal Arica and Parinacota Region.
Through their Pampa Concordia cooperative, they are making the desert bloom with the power of cooperation. Juan Carlos and Gloria managed to turn the infertile soils of northern Chile into highly productive land, thanks to sustainability, renewable energies and the commitment of local communities.

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Chile. Creating Future.



This is Pablo Román and Carmen Vidal and they are from Iquique, in northern Chile’s Tarapacá Region.
Through their Blups company, they are using their talent to help the environment by developing edible straws made with 100% plant-based ingredients, reducing the impact of single-use plastics.

Press PLAY and learn how Pablo, Carmen and Chile are looking after the future of the environment, changing the paradigm from “use and discard” to “use and eat”.
Chile. Creating future.



This is Renato Varas and he is from the city of Antofagasta, located in Chile’s northern region that bears the same name.
Through his talent, he created the Litiohm start-up, a sustainable and intelligent storage solution for renewable energy. Using long-lasting lithium batteries with recyclable and reusable components, he provides a much more ecological alternative for his region’s communities.

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Chile. Creating Future.



This is Wilfredo Cruz and he is from Toconao, in northern Chile’s Antofagasta Region.
With Viña Ayllu, he is applying traditional knowledge to make high-altitude wine in the driest desert on the planet. By integrating members of the Lickanantay indigenous people, he created cooperatives to give life to one of the highest and most extreme vineyards in the world, enhancing the adaptive power of vines in a way that is sustainable for the environment.

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Chile. Creating Future.



This is Rogers Escalup and he is from Concepción, in central Chile’s Biobío Region.
Through his Cicla 3D project, he is printing a more sustainable future, as the only manufacturer in the country who creates filaments for 3D printing using biodegradable and recycled materials.

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Chile. Creating Future.



This is Jorge Carrión and Carolina Heidke and they are from Cabrero, in central Chile’s Biobío Region. With their El Manzano community project, they are restoring life to the earth of their region through regenerative agriculture, reversing the harmful effects generated by land use, letting nature and animals do their work.

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This is Paula Aguilera and she is from Temuco, in southern Chile’s La Araucanía Region.
Through her Myconativa project, she is bringing nature back to life, with the help of nature. Paula studied Chilean fungi with the power to counteract the damage that the earth has suffered due to the use of chemicals, creating organic bio-stimulants that help with crop nutrition and make better use of water.

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Chile. Creating future.



This is Teresa Montes and Raffaele Di Biase and they are from Puerto Varas, in southern Chile’s Los Lagos Region. Through their BirdsChile project, they are transforming tourists into agents of conservation. They offer a wide variety of birdwatching tours, nature trips, adventure tourism and family outings, focused on caring for nature, local heritage and communities.

Press PLAY and learn how Teresa, Raffaele and Chile are creating future through tourism that contributes to restoring and protecting the planet’s natural processes.
Chile. Creating Future.

Discover more stories of Chileans who are innovating from across Chile to create a better future.


This is Nicolás Schneider and Natalia Rebolledo, from Ovalle, Coquimbo Region, in the north of Chile.
Through their project Un Alto en el Desierto, they gather and reuse water, and teach the community and younger generations to value and take care of the water in this extremely dry area of the planet.

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Chile. Creating future.


This is Bárbara Reyes and Marcelo Llanquín from Coyhaique, Aysén Region, in the southern edge of Chile.
Together they designed Huemul Safe, a technology to protect from road accidents the huemuls that inhabit this area of the planet, so essential to its biodiversity.

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Chile. Creating future.


This is Valentina San Martín and Pedro Jiménez from Talca, Maule Region, almost in the middle of Chile.
Together they designed Can Reflect, a robotic system that uses recycled aluminum to optimize sunlight on fruit trees, contributing to decontaminating and making the fruit production industry more sustainable.

Press PLAY and find out how Valentina, Pedro, and Chile are creating a better future for the agriculture industry while decontaminating the world.

Chile. Creating future.


This is Abraham Montoya from Calama, Antofagasta Region, in Chile’s far north.
Through Ecomax, his factory, Abraham and his team contribute to the sustainability of the real estate industry by transforming discarded plastic into solid bricks for construction.

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Chile. Creating future.


This is María de la Luz Barros from Santiago, Metropolitan Region, in central Chile.
With her project Verde Activo, she is transforming the rooftops of buildings into “green roofs”, helping the environment and the quality of life of those who live in highly populated urban areas, such as this capital city.

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Chile. Creating future.


This is Pablo Salazar from Pichilemu, Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins Region, in Chile’s central coast.
With his company RUPU, he is providing the inhabitants and tourists of one of the country’s most popular beach towns with electric bicycles, protecting the environment and improving the life quality of an entire community.

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Chile. Creating future